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You can turn your gas or oil furnace into a Dual Fuel furnace by adding an electric plenum heater. Buy a unit from your local contractor and receive a $200.00 kilowatt rebate from Price Electric Cooperative.

The patented Electro-Mate® zero-clearance electric conversion system converts your existing natural gas, LP, or oil furnace into a “Dual-fuel” (electric/gas-oil) system.  Having this ability to use lower cost electric rates and by using the most cost effective heating source available can save you hundreds of dollars off of your heating bills each year. 

The Electro-mate comes in up flow and down flow configurations, it simply inserts into the plenum above or below your existing furnace.  All thermostat control wiring is simplified and handled within the Electro-Mate.  The Electro-Mate uses the existing blower to distribute the air throughout the home thus saving the need for new air handling equipment.

With models ranging from 34,000 to 68,000 Btu/h the Electro-Mate can meet most home heating needs.

Features of the Eletromate electric conversion system are:

  • 20+ years of proven reliability
  • Quality built for lasting performance
  • Finned, metal rod elements (15 year element warranty)
  • Dual, redundant, safety hi-limits
  • One thermostat controls all fuel choices
  • Simple fuel choice selector on DFC
  • Designed for use with new multi-speed/variable speed furnaces
  • Available in upflow, downflow, and horizontal airflow options.
  • 15” or 18” width options
  • Utility interrupt controller built-in (automatically brings on backup furnace during utility interrupt)

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